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Jun 7, 2021

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A Winter Roadtrip To Bumla Pass

I am a travel freak so when I come close to nature, I just blend in with nature. When I decided to travel to the Indo-China border Bumla pass, I enable to get permission from my travel manager managed to give me the permission to visit the stunning Bumla pass.

Stunning Bumla pass

Bumla pass is located in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh at the height of 15,200 feet, it is a popular destination place, Tawang is 37 kilometers from the amazing Bumla pass. Due to I traveled Tawang in the winter season, I enjoyed the blessing of nature, and the entire place was covered with snow, it was just amazing beauty to the creation of mother nature.

Bumla pass

I was excited to visit the snow-covered Bumla pass so I got ready on time the next morning. My driver started with the journey toward Bumla pass, because of extreme cold weather the vehicle was not starting. The journey was breathtaking and as I could see all the military battalions and soldiers’ vehicles running with us.

My driver told me the previous night, there was heavy snowfall in the Bumla pass so the weather was so chilled. The temperature was around minus 9 degrees. The Military Personnel helped all the tourists with the border brief and proper guidance. When I asked about the current situation of the border they told me a few days before the temperature came down to -15 degree temperature.

I went to closer the check post of India at the Bumla pass border. The military personnel had kept binocular to observe the China check post. The Bumla pass border had manifested the charismatic creation of this mother nature. I thought I stood 15,200 feet Bumla pass where the place surrounded by snow-covered mountains and frozen lakes, I couldn’t believe in my eyes, I was really in this stunning place.

The military Personnel told me Dalai Lama came to visit these mountains, everything seemed like a history book where every page was flipping with every past incident.

He also told me how China captured the whole Tawang during 1961, but this time whole atmosphere was totally awful and mesmerizing. However, nature created a beautiful isolated, and refreshing place where nature lovers like me spell bounded this magical beauty.

The snowcapped mountains and ice-covered narrow paths with my journey were totally magical. How the beautiful nature created different shades within a spur of the moment. My Tawang travel was just incomplete if I missed the stunning road trip to Bumla pass.

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