Freestyle dancing makes me more comfortable in my own body, gives me the opportunity to explore new ideas for movement and have fun expressing myself. Freestyle dance is incredibly popular and allows the dancer their own inner creativity to expose their own moves.

Freestyle Dance

Freestyle dance is a unique type of dance that is based on improvisation that has been seen in the other dance varieties. For me, freestyle dancing is based on uniqueness and improvisation of the moment, there are several tips that keep in my mind to take my dance moves to the next level.

The purpose of freestyle dance is to express my own unique voice and create moves that are individual. I choose one or two styles that feel right and focus on mastering those. There are several foundational styles of dancing that are based on popular style including rump, popping, locking, house and breaking.

When I freestyle, I am not following the set of moves that were made for that specific song. I am able to catch the song quickly. The fundamental styles are the bread of butter of freestyle. The techniques, grooves, and combos including these styles. Most freestyle dance moves are fundamental grooves.

Pick which style I most love and gravitate most to and spend my time practicing the techniques of that style regularly. I really like robot freestyle dance moves, and practicing the popping and locking techniques that are commonly seen in this style of dancing. Freestyle dance is centered around improvisation and expand my abilities and movement and gives me ideas on how to broaden my freestyle dancing experience.

Freestyle dance is an incredible way to release my creativity and expand my understanding of myself. Before I can do this, I must first learn how to activate my creativity. Freestyle dance practice will help my skills on the dance floor and express creativity through dance in new and exciting ways.

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