Traveling is exciting and inspiring. I am a yoga lover so there is no reason to eschew my practice when traveling. Maintaining and practicing yoga on the road can be a great way to meet people and to learn more about yoga. While I am planning my travel, I will meditate and do yoga every day.

Different people like to wear different types of clothing for yoga, I choose comfortable clothing. I prefer capris this type of pants can be washed quickly anywhere, will dry speedily. I just find something that fits in which I will be comfortable.

I add my yoga mat with my luggage. I have a full-size mat, I totally carry it on. It doesn’t count on my luggage. Seek adventure on my travels and find special places that inspire me to do yoga. I walk the street in the new city, find local parks and beautiful spaces. It’s easier to practice yoga in a place that I feel connected to.

Yoga can complement my travels and the physical and psychological benefits are endless. Yoga can reduce my anxiety levels, help me maintain a sense of balance, ease my muscle stiffness, help me stay present in my travels, and create a sense of contentment.

Yoga can inspire me to me view any kind of work I do as a selfless act of service. I will work with love and devotion and without any thought of a goal or return. I may get to observe all the theoretical aspects of yoga philosophy. Yoga can me to be naturally happy with myself,

All the breathing, meditating, and exercising will enhance my enjoyment of the great activities traveling has to offer such as more beautiful and stunning experiences.

With my yoga, I will experience the world around me in a rewarding way. Landscape, beaches, sunsets, mountains will appear more beautiful and stunning. The joys of yoga make me more comfortable, happy, and loving that I draw only great people and make connections very easily.

I am sure you can think of even more benefits of yoga when combined with traveling. Feel free to share your experiences below this comment box.

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