It’s easy for healthy lifestyles to go outside when I am traveling. Especially when I am on vacation. It’s true that traveling is amazing, but it can also be stressful and detrimental to my health when I am constantly on the go.

The most important thing I can do while traveling is sleep. My body needs rest when I’m physically traveling, carrying luggage to and from destinations. Listen to my body, after a long journey, I sleep for few hours and allow my body to take a rest before the next one.

While I travel, I don’t skip out my breakfast, I make my own breakfast. It’s easy to buy a box of instant oatmeal and make it with hot water in my hotel room before heading out of the day. I can also buy fruits and cereals from local grocery stores. Whatever I do, I don’t skip my breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day it gives me the energy to start my day right.

While I travel, I dedicate at least 5 to 10 minutes every morning to stretch before I start my day of adventure. Stretch my arms, legs, neck, and shoulders and back I will feel so refreshed. I also stretch right before bedtime because after returning the whole day traveling It relaxes my muscles and gives me a better night’s sleep.

I carry a water bottle with me at all times. I drink enough water even though it may not be convenient to find any public restrooms on the road. Keep hydrating is the foundation of livelihood. I eat veggies when I can. I pick the healthier option and I choose a vegetarian dish with salad to balance my meal.

I am the type who looks any excuse not to work out don’t let my fitness attire stand in the way. I try packing my favorite activewear so I will be prepared and ready to go. The simplest way to stay fit while exploring a destination. whether I headed to a sandy beach or hill area, building my walking time into my schedule, will help my mind clear and get my legs moving.

In this Covid-19 situation, I have been walking all day and coming into contact with people, things, and the last things I want to do eat with dirty hands, I prevent the spread of germs and bacteria cleaning my hands before and after the meal. I always use wet naps and hand sanitizer.

I protect my skin before I go to the outdoors and wearing good sunscreen and stylish sunglasses. If I am visiting an area with a large population and beware of mosquitoes and insects, be sure to wear insect repellent to prevent bites.

I enjoy traveling and stay healthy. Feel free to share your own opinion in the comments section below.

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My story begins when I was a kid with a snap-on Cape and a burning desire to change the world. Am a blogger, and my experience to share.

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My story begins when I was a kid with a snap-on Cape and a burning desire to change the world. Am a blogger, and my experience to share.

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