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Sep 22, 2021

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When I am traveling my motto is never travel without snacks. I always bring my own food so I can avoid overpriced food. Whether I am hitting the road, railways, and the skies, travel can take me long stretches between meals and healthy snacks can help nourish me and satisfy hunger between stops.

Even when I am heading out on vacation, it makes sense to stick to my healthy eating routine. Fresh foods need to travel well, they are easy to tote not too messy to eat on the go.

I always choose the low sugar option to keep hydrated. I prefer to stay healthy and try out new snacks every time I go. As a frequent traveler, I have learned to get creative to make the most of my time when going on road trips.

Convenience stores, fast-food chains along the way leave me feeling unhealthy while I am traveling on the road. My body already has low energy since all I have been sitting in the car for hours. That’s why I like to pack a good bag of snacks for road trips.

I get more protein bars, oatmeal, and string cheese. I pack fruit and veggies like apples, pears grapes, and baby carrots. I use one of the groceries bags to keep all of my non-refrigerated snacks.No matter where I stop, I will usually be able to find some from a healthy snack bar that is packed with energy or protein.

Although eating healthy on the road may seem difficult planning ahead and bring nutritious snacks can keep my body fueled and my hunger at bay. Keep this snack in mind when I am looking for a portable nutritious option for my next adventure.

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